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Based in Manchester, London, United Kingdom, we work worldwide

Interior design, architecture and construction

Based in Manchester, London, United Kingdom, we work worldwide M Jannet J Interior Design and Architecture group consists of 3 unique brands, with its business scope covering all sectors of the world of interior design and architecture. By creating projects in our unique one-of-a-kind style, we aim to become one of the best international design bureau for interior design and architecture. Our team of experts from a wide variety of areas make dreams of a luxurious and comfortable life come true. Our team of expert interior designers and architects have been handpicked from all over the world in order to bring you the latest designs, trends, materials and innovative ideas for your projects as we understand how unique every clients style is. The art of living in the style of M Jannet J interior design and architecture can be described as the manifesto of individuality, ongoing creative search and modern view on heritage. We create a new quality of life by providing our clients with a sense of exclusivity for many years forward. From the beginning of the design project to the bespoke furniture production, we design a luxurious lifestyle, offering a unique method of working with the customer and high-quality service. The unique concept of the group is based on three key elements, including inner growth, the principle of "interior as art" and diverse creative approach. We follow global trends, draw inspiration from the world of fashion and design, and expand the geography of our projects. Our success defines our vision of modern luxury in a global perspective, the quality of services and the responsible creative approach of our team. It allows us to achieve new goals with every new project and become a part of the design of the future. So if you require services related to interior design, architecture, bespoke furniture and product design and development you are certainly on your way to turning your dream into a reality with M Jannet J Design Studio.


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this is the working process

Design Process

We always aim to go above and beyond what our clients want to achieve for their project and also believe it’s essential to develop a great working relationship between our team and our client.

This includes understanding their desired colour themes, style, materials, comfort level, practicality and much much more. This is where the journey begins.


Individual talented and expert members of our team are the ones who help complete a successful project. Supervising each stage and each team member is an essential part in avoiding any issues or mistakes.

This has taken a lot of time and effort to help achieve a very smooth journey for all each and every time.

Budget Planning

We always aim to do our best to work towards our clients budget to deliver what they want. Various options are discussed and explained to achieve a successful outcome where budgets are concerned.

We work extremely hard to source materials and products from around the world, directly from manufacturers and suppliers to help keep close or on budget. We are proud to achieve what the client wants saving them money from time to time.

Build a home for you

The moment everyone has been waiting for. Finally it’s time to bring them visuals, designs and planning to life. Our mission is to make the journey an enjoyable and exciting one.

Most importantly to relieve any stress and pressure where we can from our clients. This is when we hand over what it rightfully our clients, so they can enjoy the dream which has finally come true. Such a proud feeling for all.