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Living Room Ideas: How To Achieve A Cosy And Stylish Space

Living rooms are the heart and soul of a joyful household — many cherished memories are created in a living room, perched on the sofa or watching the television.

If you recently felt like your living room lacks inspiration and feels a little dull, it is time for a revamp. Here are a few must-haves and ideas on how to design your living space into a contemporary and exciting area.

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Incorporate Soft And Organic Forms

If you plan to design your living room into a contemporary space, organic architectural solutions and furniture are a must. In today’s day and age, designs that lack corners and are shaped organically are a big sell-out.

Interesting options for organic decor include adding accent chairs, chandeliers, mirrors, and vases with soft lines that pair well in contrast to the straight lines of the rest of the room setting.

Use Wood — A Timeless Classic

Nothing breathes life, texture and warmth into your living room better than wood. A wooden accent wall fits perfectly with almost every theme of decor. Wood is a timeless piece of art that portrays elegance in every form of the way. You can incorporate light-coloured wooden-panel walls that highlight any sunlight entering the space. You may also opt for a Slatwall that accentuates a single wall of your living space, making it the focal point. You don’t necessarily have to cover the entire wall. Just cover a small space of it and create a bold impact. Wooden coverings for shelves can also add a tactile element to the room, sitting exquisitely in contrast with the rest of the room. Working with wood materials has long been a fascination of interior designers and architects. Architects strive to incorporate environmental design ideas into exterior and interior architecture as sustainability becomes increasingly crucial. One of the simplest ways to introduce nature into your home is by using plants and wooden accents. However, the use of wood has been favored by the current design movement for a number of reasons, including the fact that it pairs well with the other materials indicated above. Employers are using wood in open office spaces more frequently as a result of trends that are always changing. Because studies have shown that using interior natural wood surfaces may enhance physiological wellness, much to how indoor plants can reduce stress.

Side note: A wooden investment in your home can last up to forever and adds immense value to the property!

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Stay Minimalist

Remember. Less is more.

You do not have to fill up your space with decorative elements that serve no purpose whatsoever. These days, a global perspective serves the minimalistic style that makes sure the space has less opulence and is rather calm and serene.

The top favourites in living room designs include light-coloured themes and minimalist furniture with artisan value — these are all the rage now!

A good idea for balancing simplicity and warmth is the Scandinavian style. It characterizes clean lines, fresh spaces, and modern touch of minimalism.

Use Architectural Lighting

While any lighting can take a room from “meh” to “woah”, architectural lighting these days has taken over the interior designing industry. It refers to the lights that focus on three aspects: aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Architectural lighting illuminates the room, highlights several decorative features, and makes them look high-end.

From accent lighting to uplighting, there are various ways of incorporating architectural lighting into your living room. It can be found in the form of spotlights on the ceiling, accent lights to highlight pieces of art, and more.

Not just that, such lighting can be perfect to create a romantic or cosy ambience!

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Complement With Bold Artwork

The secret to making a minimalist room look exciting lies in the decor, especially wall hangings. So, spruce up your minimalist design style and keep it from looking bland by using appropriate pieces of artwork!

If your living room’s colour palette is neutral/pastel, go with energetic, bold artwork. On the contrary, if the colours in your living room are already bold and vibrant, you can opt for lighter shades in your artwork.

Popular selections of artwork include pieces with geometric or eccentric shapes — sure to catch the eye and serve as the focal point. Paintings with textures are also welcomed. Tip: Flank the artwork with accent lighting to make the textures and prints stand out even more!

Add A Hint Of Nature

Nothing brings vibrancy, warmth, and cosiness to a room better than a plant. It makes your living space feel more inviting while providing a plethora of health benefits — including better air quality and higher levels of oxygen.

A simple indoor plant can take your living area up by many notches by bringing nature into your home, feeling visually pleasing to the eyes, and keeping your home temperatures balanced. It can even reflect your personality and provide a great starting point for conversations!

What’s more, you can add a pop of colour to your living room with floral arrangements that instantly add life to your space!

Common indoor plants include snake plants and spider plants — they’re stunning in appearance and super easy to maintain (we mean, you’d need to put in some effort to kill them, and they’d still stick by your side).

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Purchase Functional Furniture

Another hit in the interior designing industry is a functional furniture. This includes all pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, a coffee table may extend into a longer table that can serve more guests. Or perhaps a sofa with a secret storage unit where you can keep your belongings, making them easy to reach but still kept away.

At M. Jannet J., we have ottomans that can be used as centrepieces/alternative coffee tables for your modular sofas — and also double as seating spaces when you have guests over!

Incorporate Something Personal

The best interiors are those that truly speak to your personality, so be sure to add a hint of something personal to your living space!

In that regard, you can showcase an ornament or souvenir that you’ve collected from your travels. Or perhaps you may add pictures of your family (or your experiences!) to help reminisce the cherished moments in life. These memories can include travel moments, hangouts with friends, or even family gatherings.

You may also add a bookshelf that displays your favourite books. Anything that holds a special place in your heart will do the job!

Focus On The Right Window Treatment

Window treatments are easy to neglect, but remember — the wrong window treatment can make or break a room!

Choose your selection wisely. If you’d like to welcome natural light into your space, opt for sheer drapes. If privacy is your priority, go for opaque curtains instead.

Also be careful while installing the window treatment. Keep the rod approximately 3-4 inches below the ceiling height. If you have a sloped ceiling, hang it at the highest portion of the lowest slope.

Installing your window treatments at the correct height ensures they cover maximal wall length (from just below the ceiling to the floor). This will help make your room look and feel larger, grander and elevated. In short, it adds the luxe factor to your living room!

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Contrast The Furniture for the living room

Do you ever go to a furniture shop and buy pieces that match? You might feel like you made the right call, but you are in for a treat. Matching furniture sets are gradually walking out the door, with individually picked pieces making their way in!

Always opt for a single contrasting piece in your furniture, choosing the one(s) that truly reflect who you are. For example, you may buy an accent sofa first, and decorate the rest of the living space around it.

The goal is to aim for a fresh mixture of design finish while tying the colour palette together without going over the board, so it’s a good idea to brainstorm your selections beforehand.

Ensure There’s Adequate Surface Space

Another easily neglected but very essential part of living room decor is adequate surface space. For every seat in the room, make sure there is adequate space for usage nearby. For example, if you have a sofa, you’d need a space nearby to place a drink, keep a book, or perhaps a remote control. And so, the table near the sofa needs to be within reach.

If it’s not, a quick fix is an end table next to each side of the sofa for symmetry. You can even try a slim console behind the sofa that acts as surface space and an entry table into the living room if you lack space. That way, you create space, while ensuring you are not greeted by the back of the sofa when you enter your living room.

Final Words

Living rooms are an integral part of interior design, so it pays off to do your research before starting your design project. The ideas given in this blog post are a great place to start; jot down your favourite ones, make a list of essentials, and get to work!

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